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Comments from Clients

Cheryl M. McCormick, Ph.D.
Lindsay Wildlife Experience
Executive Director

“It was tremendously gratifying to work with Jennifer Rigby and her team at The Acorn Group to develop Lindsay Wildlife Experience’s first comprehensive Interpretive Master Plan. Jennifer guided us through every step, encouraged inclusion of our various stakeholders, and was invariably on-point in terms of deliverables. In addition to producing a game-changing IMP for our organization, Jennifer’s masterful stewardship of the process had the unexpected benefit of bringing us together, as a team, in service to a unified vision. We now have the confidence and unity to actualize the strategies, interpretive messaging, and exciting capital projects imagined in the IMP.”

Nancy Mendelsohn
The Nature Conservancy
Director of Operations

“The Acorn Group helped The Nature Conservancy develop an Interpretive Prospectus for the Flat Ranch Preserve in Island Park, Idaho. The collaborative work sessions and subsequent detailed report helped us in developing our plan for clear messaging and outlined a path to enhance the visitor’s experience at the Preserve.”

Carla Schultheis
Natural Resources and Lands Management Division San Francisco Public Utility Commission
Watershed and Environmental Improvement Program Manager

“Jenny deftly facilitated strategic planning and interpretive planning sessions, bringing together many different points of view and consolidating them into a cohesive report. She did a great job of building a thematic hierarchy of messages that resonated with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) staff as well as the local community. Jenny did a masterful job of presenting the draft interpretive plan to the community and SFPUC management, gaining the support of both.”

Gordon Smith, Ph.D.
Huntington Beach Wetlands Conservancy
Chairman, Board of Directors

“The Huntington Beach Wetlands Conservancy has been working closely with The Acorn Group in the development of an interpretive and education center focusing on coastal wetlands and wildlife care. I can say without reservation that we are most fortunate to have been able to partner with them through the entire process from the initial conceptualization and design of the Center through the crafting of details of its various displays.”

Ed Lewins
San Diego Zoo
Exhibit Project Coordinator, Elephant Odyssey

“I contacted The Acorn Group and asked them to create a document that would synthesize and organize a multi-dimensional storyline. Because of their expertise, they were able to flesh out and develop an interpretive prospectus that not only defined the project and outlined goals, but also incorporated an explanation of interpretive principles and terminology. This provided our organization with the tools that allowed the team to move ahead with a unified understanding of the project. They accomplished all of this with patience, excellent communication skills, and professionalism.”

Gillian Andrews
Dunes Center
Executive Director

“When I read the Interpretive Plan prepared by The Acorn Group for the natural resource that we seek to promote and preserve, my eyes literally began to well up.¬† Eliciting from an array of agenda the essence of the issues, the writing team faithfully struck the fundamental chords that resonate through this matchless natural treasure. The accuracy of the content and the perfection of each phrase proved beyond doubt that The Acorn Group listens, astutely evaluates and then incisively distills. I have no doubt that their work will result in the broadest of all possible support and can only develop and deepen the quality of our stewardship.”

Julia Bott
San Mateo County Parks and Recreation Foundation
Executive Director

I find The Acorn Group extremely knowledgeable and creative. Their work products offer simple but unique and fun ways to improve interpretation in our wonderful county parks. I have worked with The Acorn Group on three projects and was as ‘wowed’ by the third project as I was for the first and second.
Their approach involves site research and listening, and I consistently hear compliments from those whom we have involved in the project. After each effort is completed, in addition to receiving a great project, I feel I have learned something new about interpretation.”

Ginny McVickar
Riley Wilderness Park
Senior Ranger (retired)

“Acorn Group helped us to pull together a comprehensive Conceptual Interpretive Plan for the wilderness park. They brought us to the forefront of the State’s newly enacted environmental principles and concepts (AB 1548), providing the rangers with specific material suggestions for developing hands-on outdoor education experiences for visitors and students. The Conceptual Plan provides us with both a funding guide and a toolbox of exhibit and program design recommendations.”

Nikki Weaver
Agua Hedionda Lagoon Discovery Center
Executive Director

“”It has been a pleasure working with Jenny Rigby and her staff at The Acorn Group on the interpretive master plan for the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Discovery Center. She smoothly guided our organization through a difficult process with her patience and professionalism. In addition, Jenny and her staff recently completed the design of interpretive panels for our California Native Plant Garden. As a result of her creativity, attention to detail, and commitment to quality, both projects were a resounding success. I highly recommend The Acorn Group for any type of exhibit or interpretive design process”